Are you in need of computer repair in Cottonwood AZ? Do you want to work with a company that cares about your time and convenience? Then you need to call us at Computer Plus! Here are some of the premium services that we offer our customers:

We’ll Come to You

We offer onsite computer repair services at either your home or office. This is simply for your convenience so you don’t have to lug your delicate equipment back and forth to our shop. We also work quickly to repair your equipment so you don’t suffer extended downtime.

New Equipment Installation

We will set up your home or office network and evaluate your equipment to ensure its optimal performance. If you don’t understand how a new device works, our friendly technicians will be happy to explain its use in easy-to-understand terms. We won’t use techno-babble. We’ll get your system up and running and ensure that you can easily operate your equipment without IT assistance. We work hard to ensure that your home or business network of computers is connected, communicating, and secure.

Hardware Repairs

There are several different processes taking place inside your PC or Mac at any given time. When your computer’s inner parts stop working as they were designed to, many things that we take for granted can start to go wrong. The computer may run slower than usual or only work in certain conditions (such as when it is tapped in a particular spot). These are hardware issues and our skilled repairmen will happily help you fix such problems.

While these problems may seem related to the software programs running on your computer, they can actually be pointing in the direction of a hardware malfunction that our technicians are specially trained to troubleshoot. Such hardware issues are tricky because some tend to hide for quite some time before they appear and wreak havoc on your machine. These issues can include replacing ports, or even something as serious as motherboard problems, which may require in a bit of time and expertise to repair.

But, we have no problem changing transistors, capacitors, diodes or ICs, or re-soldering an overheated graphics processor. Perhaps the motherboard is in need of re-flowing, or simply needs to be completely replaced. As their go-to company for computer repair in Cottonwood AZ, residents know that we tackle all types of hardware issues and are no stranger to situations like this.

Removal of Malware, Spyware, and Viruses

If you are receiving danger warnings and your programs are running much slower than you are used to, you may have either a virus running on your computer, or you may have accidentally downloaded spyware or malware. Spyware and malware steal personal information and report it to hackers. Viruses tend to destroy computers’ software and hardware. To save your computer and protect your privacy, we can remove any program that is compromising your device’s integrity and slowing its performance.

So, do you have an IT issue that needs solving? Are you having trouble taking care of business needs or schoolwork because of a failing system that desperately needs computer repair in Cottonwood AZ that residents have been raving about? Call us at Computers Plus today and we will get your computer or network back up and running. We come to you for your convenience, so give us a try. This is why when they are in need of computer repair in Cottonwood AZ, customers trust Computers Plus.

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