We Specialize in Computer Repair

The wear and tear of using a computer system often results in the computer breaking down. It could be something as simple as a stuck key on the keyboard, or more complicated, such as a cracked laptop screen. Sometimes, the computer will not boot up. Regardless of the problem your computer is experiencing, our computer repair shop technicians have the skills to diagnose and fix it.

Types of Computers We Service

At Computers Plus, our computer repair shop technicians service Apple computers and any of the various brands of PC desktop computers as well as laptops. With more than 15 years of experience, our computer technicians have seen a wide variety of problems. We can certainly handle yours.

Complete Computer Repair Assistance to Go

You get busy, we understand. Many times, making time for a trip to the computer repair shop just isn’t in the cards. Using our mobile computer repair service can save you time and effort. Rather than having to disconnect your computer and bring it, along with the cords, keyboard, and mouse. Let us come to your location instead. Many times, we can service it right where it sits, saving your hours of time.

Expert Repair Sevice

No matter if it’s your computer, laptop, or network that is giving you problems, our computer repair shop technicians have you covered. At Computers Plus, our goal is to make your devices function the way they should. Our computer technicians are experienced with many types of devices and can help get yours running again.

Contacting Computer Repair Shop Technicians

Our aim is to make your life easier with fewer challenges in computer repair. Our computer technicians are available and waiting to take your call. When your computer is giving you problems, feel free to give our shop a call at 928-649-8324 to get it running like new again.