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If the speed of your computer has greatly diminished, perhaps you need a Computer Repair Specialist. Here at Computer Plus, we have experts that can handle Computer viruses, slow startups, frozen screens, and many more including restoring the speed of your pc or laptop to peak performance.

Just take a look at some of the problems we can resolve for you:

  • No boot
    • Whether you have a dead machine, or a problem booting into Windows, we can fix that for you.
  • Overheating
    • Laptops are notorious for overheating. Our Computer Repair Specialist will remove all dust and clean your fans to restore complete airflow.
  • No sound
    • Whether the problem is hardware or software, we will fix any audio problems you are having.
  • Blue screen
    • Blue screen is a condition caused by hardware or drivers. We will bring your driver’s up to date and check your hardware for any possible conflicts.
  • Viruses
    • With viruses being created daily, this is where our Computer Repair Specialist can eliminate viruses and clean your machine to a like new condition.
  • Slow computing
    • This condition can be caused by malware or problems with the hard drive among other things. Our Computer Repair Specialist has the skills set to diagnose, repair, and restore full performance to your machine.

In the world of computing, you only want the best to care for your iMac or PC. We have the reviews and the track record to take care of any problem you might have. Bring your computer to us, or take advantage of our onsite service.

If you need your PC, laptop or iMac repaired, visit our website at https://computersplusaz.com/, where you will find a full explanation of our services, including our contact information.

Keep in mind that we also offer our expertise to businesses. With our competent staff, your network infrastructure will function at its best. Installation and configuration of your network are where we excel. We will send our Computer Repair Specialist to you. This is part of our onsite service.

Contact our office online or by calling 928-649-8324 today to schedule an appointment.