Too many people would rather use defective computers than spend more than $100 on repairs. You can try to find and fix a computer problem on your own, but you’re not guaranteed a successful outcome. It’s easier and more convenient to call one of our computer repair pros at Computer Plus to resolve your issues.

Types of Computer Repairs

The types of services we offer include computer repairs, computer inspections, software and hardware installations, and computer maintenance. Expensive computer parts and equipment result in higher service costs. Our computer repair pros work with every budget to ensure that every client benefits from our services.

Our Computer Repair Services

Computer Plus provides a wide range of repairs, installations, and maintenance services for different operating systems and software applications. We provide:

  • Windows PC and Apple Mac repairs
  • Hard drive replacements
  • Network connections
  • Computer consulting services
  • Windows upgrades
  • Malware removal

Our computer repair pros provide basic troubleshooting tips if your problem is minor. You may need advice on how to speed up the computer, back up your data, or reduce downtime when running a website. For more in-depth advice, we provide consulting services for individuals and businesses.

What Is The Cost Of Computer Repair?

Computer repairs can be somewhat like an auto repair. One issue is different than the others and is not always the same. That makes repair costs vary as well. As with car repairs, the harder it is to get to the part, the more it is going to cost because of the extra time it takes. The same applies to computer repairs.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

With a growing dependence on virtual technology, more individuals and companies need computers than they did just a few years ago. They need reliable IT support and computer repair pros without worrying about spending a fortune. Computers Plus serves home computer users in Cornville, AZ, and all of the Verde Valley with services that are fast, friendly, and affordable. Contract us today to schedule an appointment.