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We’re comfortable believing our computers won’t give up on us and Home Computer Services Repair, as good as they are, won’t be needed. Reality sets in the minute the computer won’t behave like it once did. Or worse, the Blue Screen of Death takes up residence on your computer.

Suddenly, thoughts of a virus lurking inside your PC strikes fear inside you and panic sets in. You instinctively know it’s serious, but somehow, you’re at a loss about your best next step. After the shock subsides, you can once again think about what you’re up against.

Don’t Risk Making Things Worse

We specialize in fast, flawless, and professional computer repair. At Computers Plus, we leave nothing to chance. We know the pain of insidiously slow computers and how to bring them back to their former life of speed and agility.

Before you try to bring yours back to life, contact us first to schedule a visit to your home or business, or drop off your computer at our shop for the same level of professional repair.

No more having to deal with unplugging everything and lugging your computer to us. We are available to come to you because we’ll see your setup and perhaps find something amiss contributing to the problem.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Technicians

Annoying network problems can put a business behind quickly and it’s a mistake to trust just anyone to troubleshoot complicated problems, especially networking. Our 15 years of experience in Home Computer Services Repair, including all areas of computer and networking repair, ensures your home or business computer is in good hands.

Our services include repair of virtually any Mac or PC problem imaginable. During our many years satisfying customers and making their computing lives whole again, we’ve seen and repaired every computer-related problem.

Windows and Macs Mastery

Our expertise in Windows and Macs shows in every repair or consultation we perform. From Windows upgrades to full network troubleshooting of any operating system, we assure your complete satisfaction. In fact, our gracious customers take time out of their day to highlight their satisfaction in glowing reviews about Computers Plus!

We invite you to experience professional Home Computer Services Repair at Computers Plus! Call 928-649-8324 or contact us online anytime!