At Computers Plus, we have a wide variety of repair and maintenance services. Whether it’s a top-notch gaming PC or just your average work laptop, our repair services can see to your every need and solve just about any of your computer problems. Not to mention, we can bring it right to you with in home computer repair!

Your business is our business at Computers Plus. With a busted Mac or PC, it can be incredibly frustrating or downright impossible to get meaningful work done. As such, Computers Plus offers in home computer repair to bring quality repairs right to your home office or business location. These services can range from system repair to screen replacement to purging viruses and malware from your device.

With in home computer repair, your enterprise can return to full production just as soon as the services are completed. Computers Plus offers security software upgrades and other upgrades specifically designed for businesses to operate at maximum capacity. Don’t wait until it’s too late to check out and tune up your computer; there’s no need to wait with flexible repair options available both in-store and right in your home office.

While Computers Plus offers a large variety of repair and maintenance services in regards to business computers, we are just as versatile when it comes to personal computers. Need to protect your legal documents? Call Computers Plus for an in home computer repair or backup system setup. Need to optimize your gaming laptop for maximum performance? Call Computers Plus for an in home computer repair to optimize your computer’s functioning. We can backup and restore data on-site, as well as upgrade entire household or business-wide operating systems.

Contact An In Home Computer Repair Specialist

If you’re in need of further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Computers Plus. We are committed to improving your quality of life and your business prospects with high-quality, advanced repairs and maintenance services for just about every computer in your life, whether it’s a Mac or a PC. We can even bring the repairs directly to you, so why wait? Contact Computers Plus today to supercharge your computer and get your computer, and your life, back on track.