Finding the Right Provider for Your Home Computer Repair

It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t use a home computer, whether it’s a MAC or PC desktop or laptop or tablet. But even the most high-tech computers are not guaranteed to last forever. As quickly as a month after buying a new computer, you may ask “where are there IT services near me?” The more you use the computer, the more likely you’ll need repairs. Computers Plus is your source for a fast, convenient home computer repair in Cornville.

Our Services

We work on PC computers and laptops of all makes and models. We are able to repair damages on computers that are brand new and fully intact and those that are decades old and severely damaged. Our customers have software and hardware issues that include recovering lost data, removing viruses, replacing hardware parts, and more.

Your Choice of Location

For people who need home computer repair, Computers Plus provides services in three convenient ways: onsite, online, or at home. Technically, we will come to any location that you choose, such as a business address, and bring the resources that we need to get the job done.

We provide onsite IT support and computer repairs at our Cornville, AZ location. Bring your home computer to our store and have our technician tend to your needs immediately.

If you rather not come to our store, we provide convenient Home Computer Repair in the comfort of your own home. This option is ideal for people who have severe hardware problems, and it’s not easy for them to move a broken computer. We recommend an at-home service for repairing or installing a Wi-Fi system that must remain connected to your home computer.

Another option is to have our technicians perform remote services. This works only for software issues on computers that can be connected to our network. You will have to connect your computer to our remote access server. A technician is able to connect to your computer remotely and perform repair or maintenance services.

Having a computer must involve maintaining it well so that it remains active for years to come. Many business owners also know that having fast, convenient access to IT services is also important. Homeowners need these services when they have hardware and software repairs that need to be done. Fortunately, they have the choice to have the technicians come to their homes. At Computers Plus, we provide IT and computer repair services in your home or at our store. Contact us today to get your computer repairs scheduled.