We repair all types of computers including desktop computers, laptop computers, business computers, and server repairs. We provide professional on-site computer services in Sedona and the entire Verde Valley area.

We service everything from network servers to desktop computers, personal computers to laptops and notebooks as well.

We repair and replace computer components, motherboards, internal cards, laptop screens, memory, keyboards, peripheral equipment and much more.

If your computer problem is caused by hardware failures, our team of experts can solve the problem by repairing or replacing the faulty parts and equipment.

We at Computers Plus recognize that the problem is not always in the hardware itself, but what is on the hardware or in the software. We are qualified to search out the cause of the problems, in order to identify and delete any malware that is hidden in your file system. We offer outstanding virus removal, as well as removing all spyware that has found its way into your system.

Does your computer consistently run slow? Is your internet service or wireless internet running slow or are you getting kicked off from time to time? Is your computer infected with a virus, spyware or malware? Computers Plus will get your computer up and running smoothly very quickly! We can repair your Computer at your site or at the shop. We perform residential computer repair very affordably. You have the choice of bringing your laptop or personal computer to our office where we will do the repairs, or you can choose to have us come to you. We offer a fast turnaround on the computer repair services we perform. We can also install the latest antivirus protection at a great price. We make it our business to help you maintain your computer or laptop to perform at its best and keep it safe from hackers!

Computers Plus offers computer services in Sedona and handles many different types of problems that your computer may experience. We’ve seen everything from virus infections that slow a computer’s performance to motherboard meltdowns that require a complete replacement and everything in between. Computer repair services in Sedona and the Verde Valley area include data recovery, priority data backup, complete reformatting of hard drives, and installing new operating system upgrades.

Our Computers Plus professionals can fix your laptop or netbook, whether it’s a PC or a MacBook. We do custom repairs and replacements, install and upgrade software packages to your liking.

Our specialties include the following:

  • LCD Screens
  • Keyboards
  • Hard Drives
  • CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray Drives
  • Memory & Graphics Cards
  • Power Jacks
  • Inverters
  • & MORE

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