Affordable Sedona Mac Computer Repair

We are experts in Apple/Mac/Windows computer repair in Sedona, Arizona, and Cottonwood Arizona. We provide support and consulting for both Apple and Windows environments. We love to solve any computer-related problem, regardless of what operating system it is. For the best Mac Computer Repair, contact us today.

We can speed up your device or computer if it is running slow. Are viruses and adware threatening your computer? We will remove them and keep your computer safe. Do you need to connect your printer, phone, modem, router, modem, or computer to your network? Let us do the legwork and set it up for you.

We Offer Complete Computer Diagnosis

These services include:

  • Tune up
  • Virus removal
  • Set up a desktop
  • Setup of a laptop
  • Setup a network
  • Setup Wifi
  • Cloud deployment
  • Restore your system
  • Hardware installation
  • Backup of data
  • Data migration
  • Data Recovery
  • Software errors
  • Software installation
  • Setup of a printer
  • Tablet setup
  • Set up a cell phone
  • Device synchronization
  • Repair of screens
  • Factory reset

Virus elimination comes with free security and maintenance software.

Are you not sure if the service you require is listed? We probably have it. Give us a shout. Call us at 928-649-8328 now.

We offer the best solutions that are affordable and practical for your small business. We strive to offer the best prices and products.

Onsite Sedona Mac Computer Repair

Computers Plus takes pride in offering high-quality, fast computer repair services. For those moments when you can’t go without your computer, we offer onsite repair services to your home or office at a reasonable price. Many repairs can be done in an hour or less. The minimum time for repairs is one hour.

We can help you schedule a time that suits you if you have any problems with your computer, network, or other software. Feel free to give us a call at 928-649-8320 if you are looking for Sedona Mac Computer Repair to schedule your computer repair.