Mac and PC Computer Repair Services Available From Computers Plus

From the latest Mac releases to dated Windows computer systems, our team at Computers Plus offer Mac and PC computer repair services to help restore your computer and get you back on your feet. From upgrades to virus removal and repairs, we’re able to work with you and your system.

If you’re having a problem with your computer, out team can help. Some of the most common Mac and PC computer repair services we perform include:

  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Computer Virus Removal
  • Mac and PC Repair
  • Mac and PC Upgrades

Computer Diagnostics

Before performing Mac and PC computer repair services at Computers Plus, we work to identify the exact problem. We’ll go over your system from the inside out and before we do anything, we’ll let you know the problem and what kind of price point you’re considering. This way, you can determine if it’s better to repair or replace.

Computer Virus Removal

Malware has become especially powerful and infiltrating these days. Even up to date virus software isn’t always enough to protect your system. So if your computer has slowed down, completely crashed or you’re receiving pop-up threats that won’t let you use the system, bring your computer in.

Mac and PC computer repair services

From a faulty hard drive to a cracked screen, our team at Computers Plus is here to help.  We provide Verde Valley Mac and PC Computer Repair Services, both in our office or at your place of business or home.

Mac and PC Upgrade

Looking to add more power to your computer system. We can help upgrade to a newer hard drive with more storage space, increased RAM or any other addition you’re interested in.

It’s often less expensive to repair or upgrade your current computer system over buying a new one. If you’re interested in such services, make sure to stop by our team at Computers Plus. We’ll work with you to determine the problem and, before performing any repair or upgrade, you’ll know what it costs and how long it will take. No matter your system or your question, give us a call today.