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When you spill a drink on your laptop, the first reaction you’re is likely to have is panic. With a standard desktop, spilling a drink is usually less costly, with only the keyboard or anything else you have on your desk in danger of being damaged. Due to its design, if you spill a drink on your laptop, all the components within, from the hard drive to the central processing unit, can be damaged. This can result in you having to buy an entirely new computer or make costly repairs to the damaged components.

However, not all is lost if you spill a drink on your laptop. The first thing you should do is remove power from the laptop and shut it down. Take out the battery once the device is shut down. Liquid encountering the electricity running through your device can turn a minor mishap into a big problem. Turn it upside down over a towel to allow as much of the liquid to run out of the keyboard area as possible.

Next, after it has had a chance to drain a bit, be sure to wipe up any excess liquid using a paper towel or other absorbent material. Pay attention to open areas such as USB ports, as these provide a more direct route for the liquid to penetrate the device.

Once the outside has been cleaned, it’s time to move inside. You can use a can of compressed air to dry out the inside. While it is good advice to remove as much hardware as you can from the device, we don’t recommend opening your device up and removing internal components such as the hard drive or motherboard. Opening the device should only be done by professionals in a sterile environment to prevent further damage. Consider also the nature of the drink. If you spill a drink on your laptop that’s high in sugar or additives, these can damage your device even after the moisture itself has been cleaned up. (If it was anything more than water, it should definitely be brought to our shop so our technicians can really get inside and clean up the spill.)

Finally, place a towel on a flat surface and put your laptop in an upside-down V onto the towel. Once 24 hours have elapsed, you can turn the laptop back on to see if it works or if it needs to be taken to a professional for further work.

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